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Inspiration for A Montana Born Christmas

Our A Montana Born Christmasboxed set released yesterday. Today I'm rebloggingMelissa McClone's post  about the songs, books, and movies that inspired a few of the authors while they wrote their stories.
Jane Porter The song Amy Grant’s “Breath of Life” (Mary’s Song) provided in inspiration. Check out the video: The song is so spiritual and quiet and full of love and yearning, and my story is full of love and yearning, too.  
Megan Crane I’ve always loved “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.”  I think if anything inspired the story it was that song!  So angst and sad and heartbreaking and perfect at the same time.  My favorite Christmas feeling!
CJ Carmichael  The 4 daughters in my Carrigan’s of the Circle C series were modeled after the four girls in Louisa May Alcott’s novel, Little Women. Callan Carrigan (heroine of A Cowgirl’s Christmas) is my “Amy.” She is the baby of the family and while she isn’t artsy or ultra-feminine like Amy, she is strong-willed and stubborn. When she sets her mi…

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