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Me, Making News

Along with the first sale of my book comes one of those nice-to-have problems of needing to put yourself out there so people might actually find your book and pick it up.

To that end, I've had some nice publicity with a radio and magazine interview and will be giving some talks in the near future. Check me out on this screenshot of the magazine cover, bottom left:

I don't have rights to post the actual interview, but follow this link about Writer's Forum Magazine (UK) Issue #135 to read how this interview came about and get a link to subscribe to the magazine.

In early December, I was also featured in a CBC Radio West Interview. Very fun!

What's next? Well, I have an author chat scheduled on Goodreads where I'll be giving away a few books, plus some speaking engagements.  Two of them are Valentine's Day themed and a third is still to be finalized.

Goodreads ChatJanuary 10-12An informal online chat where you can ask about my writing, upcoming releases, how I fina…

Send Photos Of My Book

You Could Win A Signed Copy

I hope everyone had a great holiday season.  I had ten days off, spent 4 of them visiting friends and family in our old home town, got the flu for my trouble, and came home hoping to see my Author Copies had arrived.

They hadn't, and I'm quite bummed, to tell the truth.  

So I’m trying to turn my frown upside down by putting a call out for photos of the book.  You know, to prove to myself it actually exists and this isn't all a dream conjured by the Matrix to keep me complacent.

Do you have friends in the UK or Oz?  Would you share this post with them and see if they’ll take a photo of my book in a store and tweet it to me?  If I get 2-3 responses, I’ll send each person a signed copy of the book (should it ever turn up.)  If I get lots of responses, I’ll do a draw. 

Here's what the covers look like: 

Reblog, post, share...  Just please help me get the word out.
Photos can be sent to me through:

@DaniCollinsBook on Twitter

DaniCollinsAuthor on Faceb…

Official Launch - No Longer Forbidden?

I wrote this prologue for the release of my debut Mills & Boon Modern No Longer Forbidden? which officially launches January 1, 2013. What a great way to start the year, with my first book!

This scene was never included in the manuscript, but is a pivotal point between Nic and Rowan so it makes a nice bonus for those of you who have read the book and is a bit of a teaser for those who haven't. I hope you enjoy it:
Why was it, Rowan wondered, that being drunk made you want to dance and yet it made dancing so dangerous? She had a fuzzy memory of trying it once when a schoolmate had snuck a bottle of gin into the dorm. One torn tendon later, she’d sworn off dancing when drunk. Therefore, even though she had an urge to twirl and run and leap, she only swayed to an internal rumba as she drained the last of the champagne from its bottle. And went in search of Nic.Continue Reading...