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Check Me Out

I've moved my blog to my website. You can now find me here: Dani's New Blog.

An RSS feed is in the works. Same brilliant stuff, just attached to my webstie now.

Sample Sunday

Apparently it's as simple as posting an excerpt and tweeting the #samplesunday hashtag.  My regulars get a sneak peek of this Saturday night, but stay tuned everyone because I'm taking delivery of my new website this week so by next Sunday it'll be a whole new look.

In the meanwhile, check out this excerpt from Hustled To The Altar and come back often.  You may wind up reading the whole book online. ;o)

He loosened his hold on her as they passed through the door of the jewelry store. The d├ęcor was supposed to resemble the gold rush era, with uneven floor planks and a rusty scale dripping glitter. The image was spoiled by several security cameras and the smell of ammonia from the spray an employee was using to polish the display cases. Renny cooed over chunky stones in fussy settings but would have settled for a modest string of pearls. Con overrode her and pointed to several flashy pieces, ending up with a necklace, brooch, bracelet and ring that didn’t match and would have …

Free on Kindle

Just a quick post to say Hustled To The Altar is free on Kindle Friday Nov 9th.

Enjoy!  (And tell your friends)

Keeping a Promise

I was going to do the work myself, but I have an opportunity to skate on someone else's back, so I will take it ;o)

A writer friend kindly sent me her personal list of sites that she sends Advance Reader Copies to for Review.  I promised to compile it with others and post it here.

I have since found this site:

Which is so much more comprehensive than I would ever get around to producing.

Thanks June!  And thanks Susan.  Hopefully you'll find something on June's list that adds to yours.

Now I'm going to TRY to schedule this for Tuesday and see what happens...

Quick Update

Since when do I do anything slowly?

I just realized the post I'd scheduled to come out last Sunday didn't make it. Very annoying. Mercury is moving into retrograde on Tuesday and obviously already causing problems. Scroll below for another jewel of snarkiness about something that seemed important to me a week ago.

My new website is coming along nicely and will likely be up in the next couple of weeks. Once it goes live, I'll be migrating my blog from Blogger to Wordpress. I don't know what that means, I'm just following orders and hoping that when I schedule something to post, it will.  Of course, maybe this recent mishap was operator error. Time will tell.

I also just noticed that after pulling Hustled to the Altar, I got it back up and then didn't tell anyone. My sister kindly posted to Facebook, but I'm also now telling you it is definitely available, but exclusively on Kindle until the middle of January. (It's a marketing thing.)

If you have a K…