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Finding Balance

It's Friday Night and I'm Working

First a big thank you to Kristen Lamb for her blog today.

Maturity–The Difference Between the Amateur and the Professional

I was planning to come home and write anyway since I have mondo-goals (including finishing Kristen's We Are Not Alone - A Writer's Guide To Social Media) and finally a long weekend where I might actually accomplish something.  Hubby is working so no distraction there.  Kids are ready for school.  We might hit the lake one afternoon because, well, look at it:

Bluer than blue and it's supposed to be sunny for the next two weeks.  Who could resist, right?

But first Kristen's Blog not only reminded me, but inspired me to get my butt in the chair (and also to honour my commitment to blog.)

I have to admit, my first thought was that she was taking on Sue Grafton for her remarks about indie-publishers being lazy.  See here:


It's Not Funny

We saw the fire from our house last night--well, the smoke at least.  I heard the sirens first while taking a call from my son on his cell.  He happened to be at the bottom of the hill where the fire trucks were going.  The choppers and bombers were on scene fairly quickly and at it for a few hours.

The smoke was pretty black so we speculated it wasn't just a forest fire.  Today I heard it was actually the house and property of a local resident that burned to cinders last night.  It happens to be the home of the infamous 'Bear Dude' who has been painted as a criminal mastermind for feeding bears to protect his crop of dope.

I have it on good authority that if anything, he was growing pot (and not very successfully) to pay for the dog food.  He just loves the bears and wants to see them well-fed.

This is bad, and yes, to my mind, criminal.  It has been reported that some eighteen bears were shot last year.  Our car had paw prints on it, we had one one our deck, our neighbou…

Anaheim Top Ten

Okay, I promised notes from conference, but I stumbled across this link from Laura Zera's trip to PNWA and she offers so many great tips, I had to share them:

And I also had to steal her format.
Bowker says that Facebook and Twitter rank very low with Avid Readers when it comes to discovering new books.  One of the first places they go is the Author Website.  They love the Bio page.  Keep that current people.  (I just tried to get a link to the Bowker presentation and found this instead.) also found this which is the same but different from mine :) Lamb says Blog at least thrice weekly, Facebook and Twitter thrice daily.  Jennifer Fusco concurs, but both allow that you should figure out what you do well and do it regularly.Bowker also says that sales on ebooks have been making huge leaps every Dec-Jan, c…

We're All Entitled To Our Opinion

Really Mr. Akin?

I'm sure Seth Myers and the rest of the gang at SNL just let out a huge groan.  Why now?  Why not in a few weeks when they're back at work?

I won't write my own essay about why Rep. Todd Akin is in need of biology lessons.  It's well covered here: 

Instead, I'll shift the conversation slightly by picking up one point Dr. Aaron E. Carroll makes in that article cited above: that abortion is a gray zone for everyone.  Aside from hard-liners like Mr. Akin, most of us have a sliding scale of situations on which we measure the justifiability of abortion.  As long as I can think of one reason I would seek one, I think abortion should be legal and medically performed, but I recoil at the idea of gender-selection abortions.

Which leads nicely into what I really want to talk about.  The power of women in this election.

In all this coverage of Mr. Akin's remark, it is oft noted that he…

The Happiest Place On Earth Redux

It is really cool to go to conference as a published author

Which is my cryptic way of confessing that I hit the RWA Conference in Anaheim on my way to a family wedding in Vegas.  And despite the damning photo posted to the INTERNET by my dear friend Cathryn, I did NOT go to Disneyland.  If I were to go without my daughter, she'd kill me.

I have many, many notes to transcribe, which I'll get to soon, but wanted to start by sharing a link which is the transcription of the luncheon speech by Stephanie Laurens.  I arrived late so missed it, but it was the talk of the conference.  Why?  See for yourself:

As said, I'll recap some of my notes in a later blog, but I'll sum it up with the takeaway lesson from Stephanie and the entire conference: It Is A Great Time To Be An Author.  Shoot for the moon.

Time & Thyme Again

I'm not going to say it again!

There's a phrase I stopped using some time ago.  I'll quote it here, but I'm not really saying it.  The evil, "I'm so busy" phrase.  (Just whisper it, the way my daughter did when she taught my son all FIVE swearwords back before they started school.)

She knew that spoken words were powerful and so do I.  I fear speaking The Phrase will become a self-fulfilling (self-perpetuating?) prophesy.  To counter it, I spent the spring planting Thyme all over my yard thinking, I want abundant time as I went.  (Note: I read that when you plant basil, you're to curse it soundly.  I tried that, but the cursing tended to come out late as in, "$&*!, I forgot to curse my basil!")

The secondary evil of The Phrase is that it demeans the importance of the people in your lives.  I'd like to go to lunch with you, but I'm too busy.  I'd like to blog, but I'm too busy.  You know what?  Make time.  That's wh…

For Like-Minded People

I just returned from a week-long family wedding in Vegas.  I know, my life sucks.  We rented a mansion and sat by the pool until we had to put down our drinks and stand up with the Bride and Groom.  Then we had to dance all night.  It was a burden.

At one point some of us engaged in a lengthy conversation about Spiritual Conventions and the like.  I wrote down some resources I wanted to follow up on and share them here.  Two stones as it were.  I own the first three books, the others come highly recommended from relatives.  My husband likes the Quantum Physics documentary at the end.

Simple Abundance, A Daybook of Comfort and Joy - Sarah Ban Breathnach.
From the back of the book "...a book of 366 evocative essays--one for every day of your year--written for women who wish to live by their own lights."
Also see her website:

The Artist's Way, A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity - Julia Cameron
From the back of the book "Julia Cameron l…