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Bites Of Books - Mastering Her Role

I recently completed and submitted my thirtieth book. I'm celebrating by offering a taste from each one. I wrote Mastering Her Role at least ten years before I made my first sale. At one point I had an agent and even a contract for it. Long story short, it stayed on the hard drive until it was published as a two book collection by the short-lived HarlequinE. Then I was able to get my rights back and now it's self-published as Book One in my Pleasures In Disguise series. Book Two is Playing The Master.


Both stories are about alter-egos. In this one, the hero, Jason, has a Dominant side as Dominic. His neighbour, Arianne, has a crush on him, but once she hears he has this super-sexy side, she's intimidated and asks to meet Dominic, so she can take some lessons on how to up her sexual game. ~ * ~ ON THE TELEPHONE he had sounded like Jason with a British accent. More or less. The relationship between the two men was something of a mystery. She’d pressed Celine after the woma…

Bites Of Books - The Secret In Room 823

I recently completed and submitted my thirtieth book. I'm celebrating by offering a taste from each one. 

I was shopping with my sister when I picked up an email from my editor, asking if I would like to write an erotic short for the Chatsfield series. I was given a premise of an aristocrat meeting her lover in a hotel room on the sly and this time she leaves her case there. Uh oh.

My sister and I wandered down the street to the adult toy store where I picked up some inspiration. The wig, the web, and the pendant necklace that doubles as a toy were all window shopped that day.  Enjoy!

Here's the opening pages of The Secret In Room 823. ~ * ~ Gwen loved this walk from the elevator, when the slippery lining of her trench coat caressed her bare skin and the only sound was the crush of carpet beneath her heels in the quiet hallway. Occasionally she passed another guest, but this time of evening most had already left for their dinner and entertainment. Her senses sharpened as she drew clo…

Bites Of Books - Vows Of Revenge

When I completed and submitted my thirtieth book, I decided to celebrate by offering a taste from each one. Vows Of Revenge was one of those books that hung around in my brain a long time before I was able to write it. Those are both a blessing and a curse. They torture you, and then when you go to write them, you discover that certain scenes don't work on the page as well as they do in your mind. Such is the eternal struggle of a writer, I think.

Vows Of Revenge became one of my favourite books. I love Melodie and Roman is wonderfully aloof, yet deep. I hope you enjoy their story. ~ * ~ She still hated him, he’d seen immediately, judging by her lack of a smile. Then he’d seen her date touch her arm and something had snapped awake in him, an emotion that was blade sharp and ferocious. He suspected it was jealousy, because for a moment he’d been blind. All the hairs had lifted on his body and his blood had pumped in anticipation as he had prepared to shove through the crowd to get to h…

Bites Of Books - Blame The Mistletoe

When I completed and submitted my thirtieth book, I decided to celebrate by offering a taste from each one. Today, it's Christmas, even if the sun is shining!

Blame The Mistletoe is Book Two in my Love In Montana series. I loved Liz and Blake right from the start. They're very down to earth. In fact, Blake is in an elite club among my heroes. He's flat broke and is seriously worried about keeping his ranch.  I don't want to give too much away, but I'll excerpt the scene where they just made love on the couch. Liz and Blake are both divorced. Liz's ex-husband is the brother of Blake's ex-wife, so their kids are cousins on that side.  ~ * ~ Then slowly, as gently as the snow fell outside, they relaxed. He left her for a moment and came back with a blanket.  “I thought we were going to decorate,” she murmured as he stretched out alongside her, shifting her so he was mostly under her and she was draped across him beneath the scratch of the wool blanket. Their …

New Release - Xenakis's Convenient Bride

My Secret Billionaire is finally here!

Amazon: US |  CA | UK | Aus | Nook | Kobo | iBooks | GooglePlay Bites of Books will be back, by the way. I've just had a busy couple of weeks. First, we went to Yellowstone, then I've had some family stuff (all good, birthdays, son home for summer, sister in town, that kind of thing). I'm also on a strict diet of two thousand words a day, so busy busy. I did manage to get my newsletter out on launch day. You can read it here.  It has the link to my photos from our trip and some other insider news. I hope you'll consider joining. If you do, you'll auto-magically receive a link to download Cruel Summer as a welcome gift.  Join here And I really hope you consider reading Xenakis's Convenient Bride. I'm so thrilled with the reviews so far! "This is one of those books you read in one sitting, it’s just impossible to put down. Dani Collins is fast becoming one of my favourite authors." ~Adel, Goodreads"This book has …