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Committing to Finishing

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About the only thing I seem capable of finishing is a book--and by that I mean writing them because I have a dozen books by friends and favourite authors sprinkled throughout my world that I have started and haven't finished.

I was thinking about this today as I pulled clean socks from the suitcase I had used while I was traveling this week. I thought, I should take five minutes to unpack. Then I didn't. Somehow I convinced myself that I'll have time later in the day and will feel more motivated and excited by then. (It's only three days worth of clothes. Seriously, I should go do it now.)

Mildly disgusted with myself (but not fully, as that would be like finishing the emotion) I decided I should make a commitment to finishing things. I've yearned to feel organized for SO LONG.

So I started a list (ahem) of outstanding items in my life. I've decided that, moving forward, I should weigh my desire to start something new--like a book--ag…