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Chill-axing. Not.

So I recently had a conversation with my brother in law about how we don't need to use the summer house because we live in a summer house.  I feel no need to 'get away' because with work and running around with the kids, I feel like I'm barely ever home.  That was last Friday, when hubby and son gone to the summer house, picking apricots and going to see Wide Mouth Mason at the Tin Horn Creek Winery.

Note: Son is twelve and has no idea how lucky he is to see a band like WMM at a venue like that.  Get a T-shirt, get it autographed, hang with the band at the side of the stage and ask when their next release will be...?  There was no standing in line overnight at the nearest TicketMaster outlet (remember those good 'ol days?)  No sitting in the nosebleed section of the Pacific Coliseum, or worse, BC Place, staring at a couple of grasshoppers on a matchbox stage.  It could be Freddy Mercury.  Could be Blue Oyster Cult.  Could be Pink Floyd.  Could be the janitors with …

Random Catch Up

I meant to post the punchline photo of the deer eating the bottom cherries the morning after the bear was in there.  The next day the bear was back so we went and told the neighbour below us that Yogi was hanging around.  I took a handful of cherries for him to try and he was so appreciative, I expected to see him up there next, a dumbfounded look on his face, stems poking out of his mouth.

Meanwhile, the cat went missing during the whole racoon/bear/cherry tree fiasco and finally showed up stinking of skunk.  That's been fun.  Cat's don't care for vinegar baths in case you were wondering.

Other stuff keeping me busy....  We went to the Nakusp Music Festival for the Saturday line-up.  Sister and her husband came through, we stayed in the bee-hive shaped lodgings in New Denver.  They were cute.  The weather was hot, hot, hot and the bands were great.  We went for the Trews and Corb Lund, but really enjoyed Delhi 2 Dublin.  They're a Vancouver band that fuses East India…

Hey You Kids, Get Out Of That Jello Tree

Yesterday we had these bandits stealing our exceptional crop of cherries:

Today I heard the rustling and invited our houseguest to come see those wretched raccoons before I turned the garden hose on them and scared them away.  Wait a minute, that's not a raccoon!

Okay, you can have 'em.
Note the luscious good-as-store-boughten cherries loading the branches.  Grr.