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Viscous Dishwashing Liquid

The new Chrissy Snow Thigh Master.

A random title for a random blog.  Somewhere in this house I have a list of topics I've been meaning to turn into intelligible blogs.  Life has been a little out of control lately, though.  I keep thinking that if I can just make it thru June, and the kids are out of school, I'll magically be back in action.  I know.  I really am the Queen of Self-Delusion.

Anyway, the title came to me as I was attempting to put dishwashing liquid in the dishwasher last night.  This particular brand is extremely thick.  It won't come out of the bottle unless I hold it between my knees and squeeze it like a thigh master, plus say a few magic (ie four-letter) words.  These are the important things eating up my time and keeping me from blogging.

And speaking of blogging, many of you must be wondering how one makes money on writing a free column about books that are unpublished and therefore unavailable for purchase.  In the words of the late, great Phil…

Howdya Like Me Now?

First official blog written on the new Mac. Got it Thursday and it's taken me until today to get this far. Lotsa set up required :)

But it's fun. It's just that I now have bottle drive for three hours and am chomping at the bit to finish a manuscript - only 36,000 words to go! Not kidding.

But I was at Ladies' Nite last night and a friend mentioned her daughter is reading my blog, so now I owe her a shout out.

Nomi, writing is a mental illness, but if you are afflicted, you make time in your day, sit down and do it. Often it's work. I enjoy sitting on the couch watching movies as much as the next guy. I'm most motivated to write on days like today, when I've got a million distractions--a bottle drive and a new computer to figure out. The bottom line is though, you have to choose to make time to write.

This morning I came 'this close' to choosing to work on the old system, just to get my word count out, but I spent an hour transferring th…

Internet and Carbon Footprints Oh My!

First of all, the internet is giving us problems again. This is how it goes. I call Bangladesh (I'm guessing) and tell them we need a dedicated line for the internet. They say the cable guy will need access to the house. Duh.

I say he has to wait until Thursday because we both work and that's the first weekday that hubby will be home. They say that's fine because that's the first day they have appointments free. No, they can't say what time. They're the cable company. They don't have to tell you what time.

They leave a note on our door on Monday, three days EARLY saying, "We're sorry we missed you. Please call Bangladesh again if you want to reschedule."

Curse you, Shaw Cable Company!!!!

Now that I've got that off my chest...

And speaking of Bangladesh...

I've been tracing my MacBook Pro, internet permitting. It started in Shanghai--the one in China. It went to Osaka, Anchorage Alaska--wait for it--Louisville, KY, Buffal…

Home Again Home Again

Jiggety Jig

Just got home. In keeping with internet protocol, I did not announce that I was out of town all weekend. Had an 80th birthday to attend. It was lovely thanks. Good cake.

And now I'm so far behind I think I'm out in front. I keep telling myself that this coming weekend, the LONG weekend, I'll get caught up. We'll see. I'll have that new Macbook burning a hole in my desk so I may be distracted. :) But I did start writing a blog on my old Neo and made some notes with the kids in the car. Nothing brings a family together like a conversation on unusual bathroom habits.

Meanwhile, I have laundry on the go, a kitchen to clean, many miles to go before I sleep. And sonny-boy is in performances all week - The Adamms Family. He's the witch doctor. I'll leave you with that beloved tune firmly crammed inside your ear.

You're welcome. Have a great week.


I know, I know

Nothing since Mother's Day? What's up with that?

Houseguests who kept me up way past my bedtime on a school night, some writing stuff I had to get out the door and an order has been placed for a MacBook Pro. Thank you to the nice people at American Express. Now I just need to figure out how to make the laptop print to the serial port HP 5L that has been my workhorse amazing printer since before my daughter was born. Not kidding.

Anyway, busy busy and miles to go before I sleep, but will catch up here hopefully over the weekend.


Happy Mother's Day

It's 7:25 am on Mother's Day.  Do you know where this Mother is?  Writing, of course. 
Girl-child told me the other day that she had read an article directed at new fathers and it suggested three things to ensure they were good fathers.  One of them was accessibility.  She couldn't remember the other two.
We talked a bit about how hard it is for a kid to catch up to Dad if he's a workaholic, or goes fishing or even just spends his spare time under the car.  This made me examine my own accessibility, particularly my habit of hiding behind a computer screen for the entire lives of my children. 
Girl-child didn't think it was an issue.  "You're still there, Mom."  Like the television.  Click on the food channel and something edible will appear.  Kind of.  One of my kids is a picky eater.  I won't say which one HE is, but last night was a good example.  At least he's learned to simply say, "I'm not that hungry."  And, "Thanks for…

Cable Guy

Cable guy is coming to fix the internet problem.  Of course we have to wait until next week, but it will be on the New Moon, so I'm sure will be highly successful and I shall never whimper again.
Also got some old RRSP business in the process of sorting out...I'm sure I'll see resolution sometime around the New Moon then, too.  I hate sorting out money stuff, mostly because I have to answer to hubby for it.  Of course, whenever he gets too heated, I offer to hand the chore over to him.  It's amazing how quickly that resolves conflicts over how the money is being handled.
Which of course leads to the question: What money?
It's Friday.  I really should knock off worrying about all this and just have a glass of wine already.  I was trying to be a good girl and wait. My girlfriend who borrowed several of my favorite DVD's has agreed to return them for a ransom of a glass of red.  I'll just open it and start it breathing.
Like me.
Happy Friday


Why am I trying to resolve internet problems while Mercury is retrograde?  Still can't leave comments on my own blog or anyone else's.  On a bright note, I see by other forum posts that many others can't either, so I don't feel alone in my misery.
I told someone today that Mercury was getting the blame for all my frustrations and she thought that was rather negative.  So I'm trying to concentrate on what Mercury Retrograde is good for: Rewriting, Revising, Finishing, Researching...
Yes, I was hoping 'Resolving' but I think I'll have to wait for the New Moon on the 13th for that...
Meanwhile, will try to get some decent blogs written this weekend.
Cheers, Dani

Becoming a Man

Or How Do You Like Girls Now?
My son dragged me to the garage sale down the street last week.  Boy did I make him sorry.  I bought a computer desk.  We've needed a new one for a while and I promised him the old one.  He was excited.  I was excited.
Then it arrived and we had to figure out where to put it.  Hubby got out the tape measure and I got out my bossy hat.  A short time later, my boy became a man.  He moved his first sofa.
A few hours yet later, after sweat had broken and vacuuming had raised dust to stick to said sweat, the young man said, "This sucks."
His wise father said, "Get used to it, son.  You get married and every few years--no one knows why--but your wife will want to rearrange the furniture.  It's one of the great mysteries of the universe."
Yes, it's true and I get extremely uptight--E.X.T.R.E.M.L.Y. U.P.T.I.G.H.T--if furniture is moved in my absence.  Hubby often thinks he's being helpful by "getting it done."  I took a few…

All-Day Kindergarten

Or Last One In School!  Finally!
My sister and her husband recently did a four-day weekend as primary caregivers to a friend's kindergartener and toddler.  Sister writes me an email on the Monday.  "What's the point of half-day kindergarten?  I just dropped him off and now I have to run out to get him again.  What can you get done in 2.5 hours?!"
I think she's the only caregiver in the history of caregiving to bemoan the half-day kindergarten.  Followed by the one lonely voice who asked aloud why preschool is only three days a week.  (That was me, back in the day.)
Parenting is hard.  I needed a break when the kids were little.  We all need a break.  When you're working half-time or full-time on top of parenting, you're half-dead or full-crazy.  You live for that two-point-five hours (less walking or driving time that you can call your own.  (You know, when you focus on yourself for a bit--while you walk the dog, get the groceries, start supper, do a load of …

Parents Stuck Child-minding

Or I think that's called parenting, Jon
I spent a few quality minutes with The Province Wednesday Apr 28th, after throwing a drumstick and some pre-fab hashbrowns at the one member of the family who had found his way home.
I buy the paper more frequently than anyone in this family can read through it.  I go first to the horoscope (surprise!) then I read the comics I like.  I skip lots, but always read Sherman and Dilbert.  Then I go to the front of the Entertainment section to catch up on Brangelina and Lindsay and the rest of the gang.  Finally, if time permits, I head to the editorial section where real news turns up and is not only encapsulated, but tells me what to think of it. 
If I'm eating slowly enough, I then close the paper and start at the front page.  This is how I wound up reading Jon Ferry today (Wednesday Apr 28.)  I like Jon.  I've read him in the past when I've had a second helping and made it this far into the paper.  However, today he got my goat.
He wri…