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Magic Eyes

Look Ma, No Contacts!

I never like to mention my plans before I leave town.  Isn't there a website called 'Come Rob Me?'  I'm fairly paranoid as a rule so even though I'm quite sure the only people reading my blog are friends and family whom I'm more than happy use my house in my absence, I take precautions.

However, the Big News is that I went for the fancy eye correction surgery.  Don't worry, no spoilers.  I won't get into the gory details (like the suction rings that give you the sexy 'eye hickies'.)  I'll just give the good people at Kelowna Laser Vision a plug because they were awesome.  It's a highly freaky procedure so best to be with people you trust and they were incredibly reassuring.  I felt like I was in good hands :)

They recommended the mono-vision procedure which means they corrected one eye to long distance vision and left one a little near sighted so I wouldn't need the cheaters so soon.  I have to admit, I was …

Up For Air

I'm riding the high of just having submitted a manuscript.  It went out yesterday and we then had the good fortune to have family in town and thus a Mom willing to cook.  Good times last night, gang.  Thanks for the laughs.  That was awesome.  My cheeks were actually hurting on the way home.

I also had time yesterday, after hitting Send, to get the rest of my vegetable garden in.  I think.  We'll see.  I'm famous for forgetting that I've already put seeds in so I'll throw something else on top of them.  I call myself a guerilla gardener because I never know if I'm pulling weeds or last week's planting.  When it comes to gardening, I'm tall on enthusiasm, short on skill.  (Actually, that may apply to more than just gardening.)  And lucky me, the way the previous owners had things set out, there are several beds on which to practice.  Our goal this year is to retire a few, pull out the wimpy irises or sickly lilac sprigs and move them into one of the othe…