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Bites Of Books - Proof Of Their Sin

I recently passed the thirty mark (three-zero) on completed and submitted books. True story. I'm celebrating by setting up Bites of Books, a new feature that will give you a taste of my backlist.

Lauren slept with Paolo the day after learning her husband was dead. The men were best friends. Now she has arrived at a white-tie ball to inform Paolo that she is expecting his child... ~ * ~ Seeing him was far, far harder than she’d expected. He’d been incredibly remote the next morning as the press release was read. She’d been frozen herself, just trying to get through the days until the funeral. The Bradleys had closed ranks, creating a buffer that kept Paolo from approaching. At least, that’s what Lauren had thought at the time, when she’d spared a thought beyond her inward twisting of anguish, grief, and guilt. She’d been grateful not to speak to Paolo after the shameless way she’d behaved. Now, however, everything was different. Or was it? She was still dying inside at her brazen b…