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Proud to be Canadian Today

Today Canada became the first nation in the world to officially list BPA as toxic.  This is why I'm thrilled:

About five years ago, I saw my first pink Tic Tac container.  I thought, wow, bubblegum flavoured Tic Tacs? Cool.  But no.  Tic Tac was helping me become Breast Cancer aware by making their container pink.

I mean absolutely no disrespect to Breast Cancer survivors when I say this, but my first thought was, "Really?!?  And how much cancer does this stupid pink package cause?"  At the time I didn't know, but I was pretty sure, with my limited scientific knowledge, that something in that container (product, label, glue, ink, preservative, or--as it turns out--leeching chemicals from the plastic itself) was bound to have a detrimental affect on a person's health.

I'll even come out of the closet and say I've had trouble giving money to Run For A Cure and other cancer-benefiting fundraisers in the past.  It always seemed to me that these things were lo…

In Memory

Remembering Danielle today - a good writer, a good rider and a good girl.  We all miss you, sweetie.

(The Angel, ca. 1912, Painted by William Baxter Closson, 1848-1926, oil on canvas, Smithsonian American Art Museum.)