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Catching Up

This blog was born under a beleaguered star. I'm forever neglecting it. My other blog is quite vibrant. I post at least once a week over there. Here? Well, it's more for the light reader who doesn't expect much. Thank you for not judging, dear friends.

I've actually been considering how to revive this one and have some good ideas. Alas, I lack... you guessed it. The t-word.

But I'm here now, popping in quick to thank everyone for their support of Proof Of Their Sin. It's garnered some fabulous reviews (Romantic Times gave it 4.5/5 stars and a Top Pick!) There are some great ones on Amazon and Goodreads too. I'm so pleased because I really like Lauren and Paolo.

I recently spent a week in Atlanta at the RWA 2013 conference. I'm in the middle of a series of posts on that. Tomorrow will be Indie vs. Traditional publishing so if you're a writer, you may want to take a peek.

What else? Well, I have three books to …