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A side-by-side comparison for the discerning husband

We were joking in Australia that my brother-in-law was getting the most up-to-date version by marrying my baby sister.  I'd be the Classic, my middle sister is the 2.0 and baby is the Latest Release.  For example, when 2.0 signed the wrong witness line on the Marriage Certificate (yes, I'm putting it out there for the entire Globe to enjoy) 2.0's husband said, "I thought they'd fixed that glitch in this version."  Nope, part of the charm in all three models is our ability to nod our heads with understanding then completely screw up really important stuff.  (See my post on Ssssnakes.)

Relating this amusing little tale to my daughter, we came up with a number of improvements by the manufacturers (my parents) as they released each model into the world:

2.0, for instance, has a better memory (birthdays in particular), is faster, has a bolder design, better social networking capabilities (she's on Faceboo…

Oh Brother

The Wedding Of The Century

I couldn't do this series of posts on my trip to Oz without giving the wedding itself a bit of press.  My sister and (new) brother-in-law had their hands full this year.  They spent a month here last Christmas and returned to Brisbane in the middle of the huge floods that devastated so much of the area.  They were fortunate to be on higher ground and only adversely affected second-hand by things like a lack of groceries in the stores.

On the silver lining side, my brother-in-law is a builder.  Guess what?  Lots of people needed their homes repaired, renovated and rebuilt.  His phone began ringing as soon as he turned it on after landing and he's been extremely busy since.  Meanwhile, they also bought a house and began to renovate it for themselves.  Then my sister had the baby early due to complications.

On our side of the ocean, over Christmas, we had concluded that since my middle sister and her husband would be in NZ for the World Cup in Oct…

Gold Coast

More Life And Death Experiences for the Stupid Tourist

One of my dearest writing friends, Cathryn, recently added me to her RSS feeds and said she was looking forward to keeping up with me through my blog.  As a regular reader, you will be laughing as hard as I am right now because you know that I don't keep up my blog.  This string of posts is an anomaly prompted by the aligning of several key planets: I have a topic (trip to Oz), I have time (just sent a submission on Thursday--wish me luck) and I have reached the level of guilt required to make me put in the time to write a few decent posts (I can't bear to disappoint Cathryn!)

I suppose I could have also titled this post  Dear Friends With Whom I Don't Spend Enough Time since I went to the Gold Coast to meet Supa Sal, a cherished friend for nigh on twenty-six (seven?) years.  Yes, Sal, we are that old.  Yikes!

I met Sally on a Contiki tour of Europe.  Eighty percent of the travellers on that tour were from Oz and t…