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Website Broken, Dani Totally Okay

I'm used to putting out a Sunday post on my website blog, but it's broken. For the last few weeks my blogs have appeared on my Goodreads page, but not on my website. Very frustrating. BUT.

I am working with some new website peeps (Hi Zack, Hi Steph!) There will be big changes coming soon and I'm excited. I just have to be patient while the renovations happen.

Meanwhile, I can get my fix by posting here. Yes, I know, this is the blog that I usually neglect. Yes, I'm that person. Blogger is only my friend when I need it. Let this be a lesson to me not to take this option for granted.

So, what do I have to say that's so important? As usual, not that much. I'm starting to gear up for my June title, An Heir To Bind them. Look, I made this banner all by myself:

An Heir To Bind Them is the third in the Makricosta family series. It's Theo's story. You met him briefly at the end of Adara's story, More Than A Convenient Marriage?

Looks like today (Mar 23/14) …